In 2013, the market in the United States for concrete fencing (e.g., concrete block, precast concrete panels, and spray-in-place fencing) was $298 million; in length terms, demand was 25 million linear feet. Demand for concrete fencing is forecast to rise 5.1 percent annually to 32 million linear feet in 2018, valued at $450 million. The rebound in residential building construction spending will spur gains, as most concrete fencing is used as privacy fencing around single-family houses, housing developments, and other residential properties.   

Further gains will be sparked by increasing use of stackable concrete fencing around non-residential buildings and other structures. Concrete fencing offers users several benefits, such as long term durability, resistance to physical damage, and low maintenance requirements. Fences made from concrete can have sound barrier properties, promoting use of these fences around such structures as hospitals and utility equipment. (Concrete products installed exclusively as sound barriers are excluded from consideration in this study.) 

The efforts of manufacturers to offer more aesthetically pleasing products will support demand for concrete fencing in all market segments. Such products as concrete bricks and precast panels can be made to imitate the texture and color of wood, stone, or brick. Other precast concrete fences can be made from colored concrete or can feature textured surfaces on both sides of the fence, making these a more attractive option than standard concrete fences. While many consumers find concrete fences made from standard gray concrete to be unattractive, fences made to look like other materials, or those colored to complement the surrounding terrain, may be more likely to be specified by homeowners, building developers, and managers of parks and other public sites. 

Concrete Fencing Demand by Market (million dollars) 2003-2023

Item  - 2003    2008    2013    2018   2023

Concrete Fencing Demand  - 217    299    298    450   555

Residential - 162    199    202    306   370

Non-residential Buildings - 39    73     65     103    138

Non-building - 16     27     31     41    47

Agricultural - neg     neg     neg     neg    neg

% concrete - 4.5     4.3     4.6    5.0    4.9

Fencing Demand - 4835     6940     6425     9000    11300