Over 35 years ago, in his tiny backyard in Los Angeles, our founder and visionary, Mark Gelfat, transitioned his landscape design business into the development, prototyping and introduction of precast concrete fences and the molds that make them. At age 25, many of his clients were eager for an alternative to ugly concrete block walls or wood fences that deteriorated over time. 

That and his experience using colored concrete for pool decks and walkways, was his motivation to create his first product, Woodcrete. They were the first wood grain textured and colored privacy fences on the market as was the Woodcrete Rail fences.

Customers in the very beginning were homeowners. They had to touch and experience the fence to believe it. People still do that today as they did at our first exhibit at the Los Angeles Home and Garden Show in 1980. In 1981, FENCE INDUSTRY and CONCRETE PRODUCTS magazines featured an introduction to Woodcrete. Before long, homebuilder’s specified Woodcrete as perimeter walls for entire communities. With that, big box stores, utility companies and local governments transistioned from the typical fences they had been accustomed to. Today as well as then, customers love the appearance of wood and our other textures sculpted in concrete which deliver the appearance and maintenance-free permanence they want surrounding their property.

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Fence Systems make lasting impression
Fence Systems make lasting impression