The outstanding appearance, texture and absence of a harsh visual connection, between the stacked panels on both sides, is a direct result of our years of precision mold making. That's what your customers will want and that's what our molds deliver. 

Each fence component is cast in our detail driven molds to achieve textures as close to the natural material as possible. Color may be added to the concrete mix. Steel reinforcement is necessary.

In addition to the double-sided beauty of the fences, your customers will buy your concrete fences because they're maintenance free and stand up to all weather conditions. Those reasons and price will drive their choice to purchase from you.

Splitstone - is our most recent introduction 

Chiselcrete - appears as a contemporary update to other types of stone. It has very detailed characteristics of hand-carved stone and has become a huge seller in every country where it's made.

Woodcrete - provides the familiarity of wood and displays the texture customers love in both split rail and privacy fences.

Brickcrete - offers an "old world" charm and ambiance to any setting where brick is desired. 

Fencestone - also called "ledgestone" delivers a feeling that it has been around for a while and is more attractive than cobble stones

Plain concrete, cobblestone look, vertical wood, stucco and custom-designed molds are available by special order.