THE MOLD system

Our master mold makers painstakingly fabricate our products to assure dimensional accuracy, consistant panel connections and defined natural textures which we know our clients and their fence customers expect. 

The molds and their components are manufactured entirely in the United States. Our private recipe of thermoplastic polyurethane chemicals are calibrated and machine-blended to assure the highest integrity of rubber in strict conformity with our specifications.  Our use of only first quality materials and our clients' proper daily operation of the molds, assures all the components will withstand the daily wear and tear of abrasive concrete. The rubber, which forms the texture in the concrete, is permanently bonded to a uniform steel frame to form a consistent product thousands of times without the requirement of constantly replacing expensive, time consuming, removable liners or inserts made of inferior materials.

Each  FENCE MOLD SYSTEM SET includes: 

One -Panel Mold which produces twelve panels per day.  Each panel is one foot (.30 meters) tall  x five feet (1.5 meters) long and,  

Two - ten foot (3.04 meters) long line Post Molds and   

Two - Panel Caps Molds.  

Each set, produces ten lineal feet (3.04 meters) of six foot (1.8) tall fence per day. 

As an example, to produce fifty feet (15.24 m) of six foot (1.8 m) tall fence per day,   five mold sets would be needed.  

Corner, End and "T" posts are available at additional cost.   

We can supply an external electric or external  vibrator which attaches/detaches and is moved from each panel mold to the next after the mold has been filled.

Each mold set requires 1-cubic yard (.76 cu. meter) of concrete per pour. A 6 sack, pea gravel concrete mix is typical but may be adjusted as local materials vary. 

Orders are ready in 4-6 weeks which is subject to change before an order is accepted.

We offer affordable financing with a minimum down payment for United States-based clients and only on approved credit. Not all individuals or companies will qualify.

Plain concrete, cobblestone look, vertical wood, stucco and custom designed molds are available by special order. 

 The Panel Molds

The Panel Molds are structurally engineered to withstand the daily beating of poured, wet concrete, vibration, and removal of the cured panels from the mold.  The top and bottom of the panels are molded so that their connection, when the panels are stacked between the posts, is not obvious.   Consistent and uniform panel dimensions are crucial and are assured.


The Rail Fence System set includes the rail mold which produces 12 rails per day.  Each set includes

6 post molds with holes to make 2, 3 and 4 rail fences.  48 feet of 2 rail fence or 32 feet of 3 rail fence can be produced daily, with the required rails.  Plastic  liners that require frequent changing,  are not a part our top quality mold system.


The  steel Post Molds are made ten foot long and in individual enclosed units to maintain dimensional integrity.  The posts can be made longer or shorter or block-offs and post extensions can be used during the pouring process.  The post molds don't require frame disassembly to remove the cured posts.   

 Corner, End and "T" posts are available. 

The Rail Post Molds are provided with rubber block outs to create two, three or four-hole posts.  

The Panel Cap molds are a trim feature of the fence with matching texture on the sides and top.

Post Cap Molds are available on request.